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Mark entered the blockchain space in 2015 after 20 years in supply chain and logistics management.

He has worked on numerous block-chain-related private raises across the supply chain, manufacturing, engineering, construction, defence, natural resources, retail, automotive, and non-Governmental aid sectors.

He offers world-class management consultancy and manages all incoming deal flow.



Sadie has codified and refined several major product offerings through their ideation and architecture phases since arriving in the space in 2017.

With 5+ years experience in fundraising and 20+ in management, she brings experience in processes, project execution and navigating regulatory minefields.

She leads strategic global operations.

Sadie Hutton

Strategic Operations

Ranked as one of the top fintech experts globally, Graham specialises in buiding new economic systems and has worked with numerous projects internationally.

His background is in system architecture, regulatory compliance and digital transformation.

He is heavily involved in project strategy and systems architecture.

Graham Doggart

Strategist and Advisor



We help businesses strategise, structure, package and manage Fintech projects and token offerings.

We have direct experience in:

  • Helping great new startups get investor ready.
  • Figuring out efficient corporate structures in agreeable jurisdictions while ensuring international regulatory compliance. From exotic locations such as Cayman, Malta, and the Seychelles to more established traditional finance centres of the US, the UK, Switzerland, Singapore and Hong Kong we are up to speed and can help pick the right option.
  • Branding, authoring and enhancing product materials, presentations and other media as well as full business, technical, marketing and adoption plans and papers.
  • Pitching investors and introducing great advisors, partners and influencers. From banking partners, auditors and fundraisers, to lawyers, incorporators and compliance teams, we have hands on experience in finding the right team players (and who to avoid).
  • Organising investor pitches and private roadshows.

The fintech space is changing incredibly quickly.

Your team, your idea, your business structure and plan, quality of materials, investor backing, advisors, strength of code, working prototypes and track record are all key factors in today’s climate.

With all of the above figured out, you still have to fully confront and have a steely eye focused on what regulatory compliance really means for your project in terms of your issuing jurisdiction and every jurisdiction your product may enter.

One wrong step could mean the difference between rapidly hitting your goals and not ever getting off the ground.

We will work with you to do everything possible to get your show on the road and keep it there.

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We have direct experience in and actively work on:

  • Corporate and Jurisdictional Frameworks
  • Legal and Financial Regulatory Compliance
  • Economic Innovation Consultancy
  • Supply Chain Consultancy
  • White Paper, Pitch & other Data Room Materials
  • Strategy from Run-Up through Post-Launch.
  • Viability Analysis & Competitor Research
  • Project Management


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